Whether it’s a fitted kitchen, fitted bathroom or fitted bedrooms that need our attention, you'll find our experience, expertise and know how a breath of fresh air. 

We have spent over thirty years building a reputation around Leeds for quality kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms and therefore we are incredibly passionate about keeping our good name. 



As designers, suppliers and installers of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms & general home interiors for discerning clients, we create and facilitate solutions. Solutions, often where the existing arrangements have polluted our clients thoughts and limited their vision.

The word I hear more often than any other from our clients when describing why they chose to go with our proposals is Passion! 

I have a passion for good design. I’m passionate about what I do in creating solutions that work on all levels. Good design needs to be practical, workable, and have visual appeal. 

A well designed kitchen for example must work on so many levels, It must suit the property but it must suit you. More now than at any point in time, the kitchen is the social hub of a home, the engine room, the social epicentre. Ergonomics and aesthetics must run in tandem.


By far the majority of our new clients know somebody who we have worked with in the past and I often hear how they've be told

" They're Not Cheap BUT… " 


We do tend to agree because quality comes at a price.  

However, when you buy a quality product, generally speaking, the longer you own it the more apparent it becomes how you got a far better deal than your friends or neighbours who bought cheap and replaced quickly.


Frederick Wilnslow Taylor


Frederick believed he could cure the worlds ills through scientific management of workflow and I, some 100 years on, believe he was one hundred percent right on the button. 

It is not necessarily all about how big your kitchen is or how much storage space you have, it’s more about how the space is used. Functional, practical and de-cluttering storage solutions, combined with sensible and usable work surface space for preparation. 


It’s really not brain surgery. 

Over 40 Years of Kitchen Experience!


A well thought out and well designed room that suits you is what everybody who walks through our showroom door is looking for. Years ago, in our industry, people talked about the “ergonomic triangle” be honest, in that triangle, the fridge could have been still in the kitchen companies warehouse and we’d still form a triangle with the sink and cooker.

All the above said, it all has to be done on a budget. The question is, is it a big or mall budget?


We can work with either, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. We work with intelligent people, intelligent people don’t believe the marketing nonsense that suggests the 70% off Sale ends on Sunday. 

Our pricing is honest and upfront. I refuse to work with shoddy materials just to hit a price point because of course my reputation revolves around doing a proper job on time every time.


From our showroom on Scott Hall Road in Leeds we work closely with some of the best manufacturers of English and Continental kitchens in the world, from the likes of Prentice furniture who manufacture top quality traditional timeless English kitchens in Tamworth. 


Holland’s best kitchens by Keller and Rational who build superb Kitchen Furniture for us that has a finesse that other German kitchen manufacturers can only try to emulate, we can create a dream look that suits your taste, your property and fits within a budget that suits your pocket. 


Our experience tells us that although it is about the look, it’s also about quality, it’s about trust and it’s about YOU, getting value for YOUR money. 


So when you typed into your search bar looking for Kitchen Design Leeds, Fitted Kitchen Leeds, kitchen designer Leeds, Kitchen Showroom Leeds or some other random combination of words, hopefully we came up on top, because, be left in no doubt, when it comes to making the decision to order your new kitchen, fitted bathroom or fitted bedroom furniture… we are on top of our game and we will strive to tick all the boxes on your wish list.


Some days in the showroom, it is like a drop in centre, old clients and new friends tend to drop by for a coffee and a chat with great regularity.


Even the coffee is a unique… a locally roasted blend, roasted in Meanwood at North star micro roasters.


There is no wonder that by far the largest slice of our business comes to us by direct recommendation and referral. To us, in itself, that's testimony that we are doing our job well as the friendliest, and best independent designer kitchen and bathroom showrooms in the Leeds area. 



Keith did our last kitchen 18 years ago, the workmanship was second to none, we trusted him enough this time to go away on holiday and let him get on with it. I love it!

Mrs Shaw


I have an unusual kitchen on a narrow boat. Keith took his time to visit on several occasions, he made various designs until I found what I wanted and could afford. He was very patient and generous with his time which made him stand out amongst the other suppliers I'd looked at. An excellent service which I would recommend to family and friends.

Simon Forshaw


I can't believe how much the re-designed bathroom has improved my quality of life. 

Zinnia Worgan






Socially, people often ask when I meet them for the first time… 

"What do you do for a living Keith ?" 


My stock answer is 

" I make dreams come true " 


and that pretty much sums it up. I love what I do, I have a passion for good design. My job is easy. The critical factor is in design is learning to listen – First. 


Time and time again, I see poorly designed proposals, where designers have created a masterpiece that doesn't suit the clients needs. Computer says Yes but in reality its a big fat NO. Well designed living space can, dramatically change peoples lives…


Good design, quality materials and well planned effectively execution process's are indeed, the stuff that dreams are truly made of.



Cassandra our last security guard (as if) was with us on showroom duty for 19 years. Sadly she took her last walk over rainbow bridge around 4 years ago of course we were devastated…

The Apprentices

Johnny Castle & Baby

(Nobody puts her in the corner)

When these two cuties joined the team we knew they had big boots to fill but they are doing a fair job, we are though having to work on their communication skills. They are Jack Chi's (Chihuahua & Jack Russell cross) They will never replace the old girl but they do bring their own brand of dirty dancing to the party. If you’ve never watched the film Dirty Dancing you won’t have a clue what I’m on about, you’ll probably think I’m slightly mad and you probably wont be far from the truth.

Creative types eh…



When you’ve been around as long as Keith has (I know he’ll kill me for that)

it’s not about advertising,

it’s about marketing.

It is about making sure that people who already know about us can get in touch easily and it is about emphasising how unusual it is to find the true integrity in the kitchen and bathroom sales process that Keith brings.

To a large degree, quality sells itself, providing its placed in front of a willing audience, my job is a doodle.

Leeds only Exclusive Neff Appliance retail Showroom.



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