When Jenny & Lee came to me looking for a kitchen supplier I think we all decided we were on the same page quite quickly. Their builder was in the middle of remodelling their new ( to them) house and we worked closely to make sure that he prepared the room in advance to make our installation process as easy and quick as possible. We provided detailed dimensional requirements and electrical specifications so that we cold walk into a pre-prepared room.


The final result is stunning and shows how forward planning is the key to the successful implementation of a project. The kitchen works well for them and the quirky pull out arrangements we installed add value in the practical usability stakes.



It was over two years ago when we got our kitchen installed by Keith. The kitchen has been approved for its excellences in quality and conveniences. Keith’s design is absolutely brilliant for the everyday use. He also offered some fab ideas to our bathroom refurbishment at the time. Huge thanks to you – Keith!


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